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    SVB is a premier custom metal shop that has been building mobile specialty vehicles since 2003. SVB units can be found all across the nation including: Texas, California, Washington, Tennessee, Alabama, Hawaii, and more! SVB’s mobile units are custom built to last, and they are still in great working condition years after delivery.

    SVB always starts with the foundation of your mobile unit. Will your mobile unit be built as a push cart, or on a truck, trailer, or shipping container?

    SVB believes in a strong solid structure to make the mobile food business great. We start our build out by reinforcing the shell, DPR, with steel tubing to ensure strong walls and ceiling. This method also helps secure and bolt all the kitchen appliances from getting loose. Then we add thick foam insulation to prevent any extra heat from getting into the kitchen.

    Following this, we cover the walls with a certain type of plywood to insure and protect the main shell. Then we glue our 100% high end stainless steel to the walls and secure each stainless-steel sheet with stainless steel rivets.

    If you choose to go with a used step van, then SVB is a certified auto dealer, SVB offers preowned trucks that come from fleet lots. We have certified buyers who locate step vans with clean records, free of issues to the drive train, and low mileage. Our preowned trucks will range from 2004 to 2012, will have under 90,000 miles, and come with limited warranty.

    If you’re considering a brand-new step van, then you have the option of either a Ford F59 gasoline step van or a diesel Freightliner step van.

    If you decide to move forward with the Ford F59 gasoline step van, then you should also note that Ford offers 100% financing with a “turn key loan”. The simple interest financing loan will cover the cost of the truck, build out, equipment, generator, and wrap.

    Each mobile unit cost is dependent on vehicle platform, equipment, design, and other customization items.

    We can refer you to our insurance agency partners for estimates to insure your mobile unit and small business.

    We offer financing on preowned and new step van units through our lenders and partners.

    SVB offers an unmatched warranty of one year on the kitchen build out.

    We encourage you to visit all your prospective builders to view their current projects and quality of build. SVB units stand out from the rest due to their unique style, all stainless steel build out, and our great attention to detail.

    SVB can put you in contact with our transportation broker who can coordinate pickup and delivery of your unit.

    SVB will provide you with a step by step guide and the required engineered drawings to submit for permit approval.

    You most certainly can provide your own truck. If the truck is not Class 3 and above, then we can refer you to a mechanic to ensure it will withstand the total weight of the mobile unit.

    Of course! SVB is a one stop shop and know talented graphic designers to design the most unique and eye-catching wrap for your mobile unit.

    SVB can make a recommendation based on your intended use and travel of the unit.

    There are various advantages and disadvantages to owning a mobile trailer that can be discussed during your appointment. However, the main concern would be ensuring you have the appropriate vehicle to tow and maneuver it.

    SVB is an authorized dealer of American Range cooking equipment and True cooling equipment. We do not offer used equipment for our custom builds.

    SVB will keep you updated with a construction timeline and photos as the unit progresses!

    On average, a mobile unit will take 10-16 weeks to complete.

    Of course! SVB can custom build anything your imagination can come up with. Just contact us today!