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Pop Up Kitchen

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Platform Options

Transit Van

Box Truck

Step Van


Enclosed Trailer

Gooseneck Trailer

Hotshot Trailer

Shipping Container Pop up

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Kitchen Options

Broiler Options

Radiant char broiler, 4 burner, 60k BTU

Radiant char broiler, 6 burner, 90k BTU

Radiant char broiler, 8 burner, 120k BTU

Vertical broiler, 40k BTU

Warmed Displays

36" Heated Euro Display Case

18" Pizza Warmer, 4 tiers

Grab 'n Go Heated Display Case, 4 tiers

18" Heated Bowed Display

Steam Table

12V electric, countertop

2 well

3 well

4 well

Hot Plates

4 burners, 128K BTU

2 burners, 64K BTU

5 burners, 160K BTU

Fryer Options

- +

15lb, 1 IR Burner, 30K btu's counter top

- +

50lb, 3 Burners, 3 Tubes, 120k btu's

- +

75lb, 4 burners, 4 Tubes, 160k btus

Griddles 3/4" x 21" Depth

24" griddle manual, 60k BTU

36" griddle manual, 90k BTU

48" griddle manual, 120k BTU

Range Options

24" wide, oven takes full size sheet pan

36" wide, 26.5" standard oven

 Convection Ovens

Standard Depth, Gas, 70k BTU, 1 glass door (casters and racks are optional)

Bakery Depth, Gas, 90k BTU, 1 glass door (casters and racks are optional)

Stock Pot Stoves

18"height, 90k BTU


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Reach-in Coolers / Freezer
- +

Stainless steel cooler, 27"x31"x83

- +

Stainless steel freezer, 27"x31"x83

Beverage Display Cooler, 2 door, 528 cans / 240 bottles

Undercounter Coolers

7cu.ft, 1 door,

13cu.ft, 2 doors

16cu.ft, 2 doors

Undercounter Freezers

7cu.t, 1 door

13cu.ft,2 doors

16cu.ft,2 doors

Sandwich Preparation Table

7cu.ft, 8 pans, 1 shelve

13cu.ft, 12 pans, 2 shelves

16cu.ft, 16 pans, 2 shelves

Dipping Cabinet Freezer

8cu.ft, 2 tub holders, 2 storage tubs, 1/3 hp

14cu.ft, 4 tub holders, 6 storage tubs, 1/3 hp

20cu.ft, 6 tub holders, 10 storage tubs, 1/3 hp

Chef Base

2 drawer, 6.5 cu.ft

Glass Door Merchandiser

1 door, 16ft, 3 shelves

Sushi Display Case

Flat Glass Sushi Display Case


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(2) Side by Side 3400-Watt Dual Generators

Portable Inverter – 7000 Surge Watts, 5500 Rated Watts

Cummins Onan Gasoline TM Series QG 7000

Cummins Onan QD Quiet Diesel

Select Power

Generator Includes:
1. 50 AMP automatic transfer switch 120V/220V.

2. Custom remote start panel to start the generator inside the truck
3. Fabricate custom double-layer insulated closet with built-in vents into the truck to house generator with a floor cut to run an exhaust system and the generator air intake.
4. Tap into external gas tank to fuel generator or add an external fuel tank with built-in gauge
5. Out shore twist-lock outdoor type power supply connection provided in 120V/220V up to 50 A.


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Specialty Items

Recreational BBQ Smoker

Revolving Rack Commercial BBQ Smoker

Brick Pizza Oven

Rocket Espresso R9 Automatic Espresso Machine

3 lb. Bulk Coffee Grinder

Venezia Espresso Grinder

Professional Shaved Ice Machine

Reverse Osmosis System

LED Light Box

LED Display / Screen

Truck Wrap

Eclipse 12V Powered Awning


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Build Out Options


1. (3) 120V extra outlets inside unit at locations agreed upon by customer.
2. (1) Duplex to power hot water heater and water pump.
3. (2) exterior lights to supply ample lighting at night events
4. (3) modern LED square interior overhead light.
5. 240/120 Volt 125 Amp breaker panel.
6. Ground Access SO 4 Wire.
7. Commercial conduit for all wire runs and electrical.
8. Wire in hot water heater and water pump to allow for instant hot water
9. Wire in power to exterior generator or out shore to power the entire unit.

Water System/Plumbing:

1. 3 compartment sink & 1 hand wash sink (NSF).
2. 30 Gallon fresh water tank with refill feed.

3. 40 Gallon grey water tank with valve to dump dirty water.
4. Flojet 35psi water pump and 4-gallon hot water heater
5. ½” CPVC for water and 1 ½” pvc for drains to pipe in sinks and water tanks.

Interior Build Out:

1. Strip existing interior and prep for build out.
2. Reinforce roof structure with 1 ½ X 1 ½ square steel tubing.
3. Install two layers of foam insulation on all walls and ceiling to prevent extra heat.
4. Install special plywood over insulation and secure with stainless hardware.
5. Install stainless steel to all walls and ceiling.
6. Install Diamond Plate to floors and all closeouts.
7. Install and mount all kitchen equipment, storage and shelving.
8. Install 7’ Type 1 Hood with 6” canopy/ extractions fans and interior beauty closeouts.

Gas System

1. Copper gas lines with certified fittings
2. (3) Gas drops
3. (3) Gas shut off valves
4. Main exterior shut off valve
5. Custom exterior housing for gas tanks and connections
6. (1) 60lb RV type or underbody type with easy to fill port and a built in gauge, propane tanks built in steel structure for easy access

Serving Window:

1. Reinforce structure and install (2) 120 lb. shocks.
2. Install window latches and weather stripping to prevent leaks.

Roof Mount AC


Normal Capacity, 15,000 BTU/Hour; Installation type: ducted or non ducted
High-performance motor and fan
Electrical rating- 115V AC, 60 Hz, 1 phase
Easy installation and maintenance
2 year protection plus warranty.

Venthood/ Fire Suppression package


10'x30" Concession Hood
4" Front / 18" Back
(1) Exhaust Fan HMEX28D
(1) Mounting Curb Concession Style 2"High
Stainless Steel Filters
Pre-Wired Light(s) (sent loose or Installed, must specify)
Stainless Grease Cup(s)
Hanging Brackets
(sent loose or Installed, must specify)
Includes Pre-Piped Kidde Fire Suppression System
2 Year Warranty


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